Saddle Up!

Well, I didn’t think it up.. As a matter of fact the fault all goes to this chap Mike Riester.  It was his idea after all..  Jump on our bikes and head 2700 kms to the far western edge of South Dakota to a small town called Sturgis.  Where, every year for the last 7 decades, thousands of crazed motorcycle maniacs descend on the small town for a week of mayhem and general debauchery.

“Hmm! sounds cool!” I thought, and so.. for better or worse, without regard for driving rain, blazing heat, choking traffic, punishing miles, or the very real threat of terminal butt-chafe,  I agreed..   Along with another chap named Lee, the die was cast, we were on the road.

After all, what could go wrong for three Canadian lads in the fiery belly of biker valhalla?

Well, that remains to be seen.   But for sure, it won’t be boring!   One week to go and the pieces are starting to come together.. tent, sleeping bag, toothbrush, undies, ear plugs, stove, provisions, passport, maps, first aid, rain gear, shirts, shorts, sandals, sneakers and of course.. a well preened and ready to ride motorcycle.

It promises to be a ride to remember.  I’ll do my best to keep you updated with roadside entries from my trusty BlackBerry!

So saddle up and check the posts page for daily updates!   Just keep your rubber side down and enjoy the ride!

Sturgis Official Web Site

  1. Dave McFadden says:

    Best of luck. Heard they won’t be serving beer this year. Kidding.

  2. Ulla Riester says:

    Well guy’s, it’s coming down to the wire.
    Have a wonderful trip, lot’s of fun and a safe return!

  3. mel says:

    Wonderful blog baby!! I heard the same thing as Dad did: no beer. Sorry for your luck 😉
    Have super fun, let loose, laugh often and ride hard. Will miss you big time. xoxo

  4. Terri Bradley says:

    Will think of you every day. Heard that zinc oxide is good for saddle burn. Be careful out there!!!

  5. Brent MaGee says:

    Have fun boys! Keep the shiny side up…

  6. Christine says:

    Lee, I think I heard you leave early this morning,5AM? I believe I kissed you and said have a good trip all while I was still sleeping. So I will say it again awake for all to read. I hope you guys have a amazing trip filled with great laughs.
    As I tell our eighteen year old, remember who your are, and where your name well. Enjoy the beer, have fun, be safe.

    Love Christine and kids

  7. Terri says:

    so where’s the comentary???

  8. Kyle says:

    Hey Uncle Jeff, You know. if you want. I actually own a couple servers, if you wanna get an ad free dedicated hosting ;P

    It’s nice to see you actually have a website to follow. Catch ya lata’

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