Day 1 – The Adventures Begins!

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, I had attempted a post last night.. A long one.. And the stupid thing gakked on me! So this morning I’ll just give you a teaser to get you started, and a promise to update day 1 and day 2 this evening.. Btw, this photo was the best advice I had all day.

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Ok.. The departure: I arrived at the appointed time (5:00 am) at the appointed place, and Lee followed shortly thereafter.. 5, 10 , 15 minutes later however… No Mike! So, clearly there were only two options.. ditch ’em and go get breakfast, or go find the smoldering wreckage and recover the GPS ( well, and save Mike of course… ).
Well, before we had a chance to complete the debate, Mike arrived, and moments later we were off like Victoria’s bloomers; West to North Bay, past Sudbury and into Sault st. Marie ( where we crossed the border ) and finally to Manistique, Michagan, our stopping place for the night…

So, as picturesque as the ride was ( it WAS beautiful through the Great Lakes ), we had not anticipated the onslaught of Arctic wind that descended.. It was, in two words, flippin’ cold. Those of you that ride know the feeling.. It starts with feeling overly ‘fresh’ feeling, but before long, the wind strips the heat from your torso and you feel the start of the deep chill.. Before long thd cold bites into your legs and starts to creep into yoor bones.. The big freeze: uncontrollable shakes and chattering teeth, that was day 1!


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