Day 3 – Sturgis Ho? OH Sturgis!!

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Let me tell you… Amongst the plethera of rumbling testosterone engorged Harleys, not a single well mannered Japanese motorcycle did I see as we inched our way through Sturgis.. You should have seen the looks. I may as well have been riding a pink scooter that blew fairy dust and bubbles out its exhaust, as well as a vStrom.. it was going to be a long day…

But I’m getting ahead of myself… Let me tell you a bit about the ride..

Well, it was the last long haul. Up again at 5:00AM, and on the road with an empty belly.. I was tired. Very tired.. And as we sped along, it soon became apparent to me I was in no shape to be on the road.

Lee was ahead of me and at one point I looked up at his licence plate.

’58X41′ it said (or whatever it was… I don’t remember.). Seconds later I glanced at it again.

“TIRED?”. Is what it read now..
“Why yes, I could use a nap”
“DON’T” said the license plate.
“Only for a second.. The road is straight” I thought..
“WAKE UP” read the plate…

Well, luckily the conversation was cut short by a breakfast stop. Some large infusion of caffine later we were back on the road.. And the licence plate hasn’t talked to me since.

Cont. Sorry for lack of photos. Ongoing data connection problems. Will update these posts with photos when I’m able..

Somewheres just inside South Dakota I saw a sign that read “homestead of Laura Ingles Wilder”.

I wonder what Laura Ingles Wilder would have thought about 400,000 head of 750 lb., fire snorting hogs tearing across her beautiful prairie in a thunderous ear-splitting roar…

Not much probably.. Walnut Grove sure would have been different.. Laura would have probably would have to take up turning tricks at ‘Nellies’, the towns only roadhouse and bordello. No doubt worth a fortune to its propriator Madame Olsen. Now THAT would put a spin on Little House on the Prairie wouldn’t it!

Oh! Right! Here we at Sturgis! Camp is set up and we’re ready for our first night!

  1. Brent says:

    If Lee’s license plate was talking to you, maybe you guys shoulda had some breakie first…

    As long as the Wee-Strom didn’t have the ukulele strapped to it, I’m sure it won’t get burned to the ground! 😀

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