Day 4 – A Happy Place

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wow! Am I behind! While I have data connectivity.. Ok.. Real fast. You know what I said about those looks I received when I first arrived? Well, those looks don’t mean a thing. The people here are in a word, fantastic.. It doesn’t matter what you ride, helmet or no helmet, full riding gear or a thong bikini, folks look you in the eye, smile and tell you the stories from their own road. They want to know who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. It happens in every line up, walking to the loo or standing in a crowd. I think you could ride a pink scooter that blew fairy dust out its exhaust! Nobody would care!

Some notes: its hot as hell here… And there’s NO shade to found. Drink water constantly and use buckets of sunscreen or your Canadian ass will fry and you WILL expire. Get used to being covered in dust…

The nights however, are amazing. The temp starts to drop around 9, and the air is cool and beautiful. You’ll sleep as long as you don’t mind blaring music in the distance and the WHUP!WHUP!WHUP! of bikes idling by you tent at all hours of the night.

Mornings are very early. Usually folks are firing up at sunrise. Get out early or its almost impossible to get out of camp.

Wind blew fiercely today.. We lost out shade tarp to the elements.

Mike took us on a wild goose chase up a remote dirt road into the hills… We were looking for a motorcycle dealership! Damned GPS! :-). It turned out to be a ton of fun.. Beautiful up there!

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  1. Ulla Riester says:

    Hi guys,
    great that you are having such a wonderful time. Enjoy the rest of it and keep out of too much sun.
    Kepp safe as well.
    Norbert and Ulla

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