Day 5 – dirty underwear and other questionable subjects

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Day 5 was a maintenance day.. Yesterday’s inadvertant trip in the back country eventually did yield results and the dealership was found. Mike and I needed oil changes. Mike and Lee both needed new rear tires. The dealership had a first come first served policy, so we resolved to arrive first thing this am.
Mikes tire was not yet available and wasn’t expected to appear for a few days. But, the other work was completed and we were off again!
Back at the camp, dirty undies and socks were the priorty. Hazard-free tighty-whities were critically low.
Which reminds me.. If I didn’t mention it before, Buffalo Chip campground is a varietable dust bowl. Its dusty… tumbleweed dusty…. and every motion from a flopping sandle to a rolling tire (and there are a LOT of those) produces a billowing cloud of dust.
Even the dirt here is dusty..
Don’t bother trying to be clean. Just resolve to be dirty for the week. Remind me to tell you about the showers later…

So, in the afternoon, Lee and I attended a custom bike show. Many impressive pieces there, none lf which I’ll attempt to describe, but I will update this post with photos when bandwidth permits.

What else…

As with every evenlng in the Buffalo Chip, bands were on stage in the vendor area and it was here that I was first reminded that I wasn’t in Kansas.. Err, Canada anymore..

Now I know my American friends are going to read this next bit and maybe raise an eyebrow. But I think I can jot down this next bit and we can talk about it in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding right? I mean.. I love you guys for all sorts of reasons, even more so as this trip goes on.. but frankly… sometimes you just weird me out!

Ok.. Here’s the question.. What’s up with this “kick your ass” thing? I mean I see it everywhere.. On stickers, T shirts, patches.. Over and over, the same message – “I’m gonna kick your ass!”

Ok fine, its a biker party, I get that. But I never expected to hear the same message from top ranking military!

Here’s the story: Between acts a few smartly uniformed marines and brigideer general so-and-so come on stage and address the crowd. The general made some inpiring comments about national pride and the strength of America, which drew an apprective response.. Cool.. Very good stuff.
But then went on make some uhhhh… aggressive statements regarding the ever present and lurkng enemies of the free world and that we’re always RIGHT and they’re always WRONG and that its our god given charge to go out and “KICK ASS” wherever these threats to way of life exist..yada, yada, yada… The crowd erupts in a nationalist fervor.

There is was again!

Well, honestly I found the whole situation.. a bit unnerving… I mean, what the hell was he talking about!? Kick ass? KICK ASS?! What kind of foreign policy is that!? Someday, we’ll sit down over some beers (not Budweiser) and you can explain the whole thing to me…

Sorry for the polical commentary..

Ah well, onto day 6…

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  1. DJ says:

    LOL! I know what you’re talking about in the foreign policy attitude difference between the two countries… albiet, not every one has the same attitude within a country, but the general trend is rather interesting.

    Definitely a good topic when we’re out for a couple beers đŸ™‚

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