Day 7 – Reach for the Sky!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Up again at the crack of dawn on onto Spearfish, Spearfish Canyon, Cheyenne and Deadwood!

Spearfish Canyon.. Another amazing ride.  It’s not as twisty as the Custer State Park ride, but a little faster and more open Very dramatic… With every corner a new and impressive panorama opens up in front of you.. The high and undulating hills are all capped with a ridge of rock.  They look like the ramparts of some ancient city up there.. mysterious and foreboding.

Deadwood!  Stomping grounds for the likes of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hicock, and the site of the last great American gold rush!    Very rich in history.  Once a dirty-dealing, mud-in-your-eye, fist-in-your-gut gold mining town, it’s now a largely a tourist spot.   Very busy during Sturgis week, and overflowing with motorcycles, noise and exhaust.   Great place to pick up souvenirs, or to try your luck at the casinos.   Still no shortage of saloons, but the brothels have all long since been shut down!

Back to Sturgis in preparation for Ozzy, with a quick stop at the Full Throttle Saloon..  Even seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?  That’s the Full Throttle.. That’s enough about that.

Back in the camp,  I had JUST found the spot in the vendors area where they were selling a variety of good drafts ( I had been suffering through Budweiser all week.. eesh ) and had been primed enough to want to go out and KICK SOME A.. EESH!  Now I’m doing it!   I mean, to engage in some lively political debates.

When I got back to the stage, Mike and Lee were having a conversation with a local biker couple.   Well, before you could say “Go soak your head Stephen Harper”, I introduced myself and offered up this little bit of political dynamite:

“So, why is everybody so bent outta shape over health care reform?!”

Little did I know.. Steve and Maggie from South Dakota were.. REPUBLICANS!   Whaa!


Well, to make a long story short we had a great time.   My new friends were clearly entrenching the right, myself planted in the left, and Mike and Lee providing a mediating influence from the middle.   We parted company laughing and shaking hands.  I wish I had a photo of those guys.   Steve and Maggie, wherever you are, may your highway be free of potholes and may your rubber side always be down.

  1. Denyse Lessard says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing! Two wheels rock…

  2. Denyse Lessard says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing. Two wheels rocks…

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