Its Dead Jim!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had a few dandy blogs all drafted up for you folks that encompassed the last few days of Sturgis..   All I needed was a spot to deliver reliable data.    Well, some distance outside Sturgis and close to Wisconsin, I fired up the BB with intent of delivering my final blogs.. Hmm..  I fired up the BB with the intent of.. funny..   Fired up the BB with the intent…  of all the…  c’mon.. FIred up the BB…. FIRED UP THE $^%$*^ BLACKBERRY!!  ARRRGH!

Its was dead Jim!   Yep!  I just rolled over and flippin’ well died!    Well that’s just GREAT!

So, there’s mostly good news.. We are all back alive and well.. Slightly worse for wear, but intact and unscatched.. AND I my photos were on the SD card, so they’ve been recovered.   My drafted entries though, have disappeared into the ether.

Have no fear!  I will dredge up a few details from the last few days and post them.  I’ll also be updating all the daily entries with photos, so revisit those later and there’ll be a few pictures, and perhaps some updated text to review.

Stay tuned!


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