A Dangerous Crew

Mad Mike Riester

Oh sure, he looks pleasant enough.. but under that warm and friendly exterior beats the heart of a pure-bred biker madman. Its not blood pumping through those veins, its 10W40.The guy is a loose cannon.. really.. its not uncommon for Mike just to leap off his bike and pummel some poor soul at random.I mean.. well, not at random.. exactly.  But he did it to me.. twice!

Ok.. It wasn’t a pummeling per say.. It was more of.. well, he bought me lunch.

Which was very nice..

Sir Jeffrey the Unlikely

Alright, we have our designated trouble-maker.. We need a plucky wingman to go along and devise clever schemes to save the crew from whatever hapless situation they get themselves into!     The savvey, yet unsung hero..

You need someone with some decent fashion sense too..

Let’s say that’s me.. 

I mean, somebody has to hold this unruly crew together.

Sid Papa Smurf

.. I know what you’re thinking, I didn’t have a photo of Lee to put in here right?   Well, true as that may be, it doesn’t alter the fact that Lee is the spitting image of Papa Smurf.   At least.. that’s the way I remember him.

Trouble-Maker, Pluckey Wingman, and Sage Advisor..  Actually, I have no idea how wise Lee is, but we need somebody to fill this position.    Every crew needs the voice of reason..


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